Business Process Outsourcing

We have designed our services to deliver our customer the finest in innovation and quality.

Business Process Outsourcing

We at Trisektor offer one of a kind BPO services. We have designed our services to deliver our customer the finest in innovation and quality through the best talent and self sustaining process framework along with focused domain knowledge. The Trisektor BPO has been designed to offer customized services that aren’t only affordable but very flexible, of superior quality and highly cost effective.

The Trisektor BPO reached its first milestone by acquiring Spectramind. Through this acquisition and the combination of state of the art services offered by Trisektor, the company is now one of the largest and most credible BPO service providers in the sector. We offer BPO services in a number of industries including Banking & Capital Markets, Insurance, Travel & Hospitality, Hi-Tech Manufacturing, Telecom & Healthcare sectors. We have designed our BPO to deliver comprehensive services and expert solutions in areas like Finance & Accounting, Procurement, HR Services, Loyalty Services and Knowledge Services.

Here’s a look at what we offer through our Business Process Outsourcing Solutions:

At Trisektor we have designed our BPO in such a way that they deliver HR processes of an organization with capability and thus meet the needs of all critical stakeholders depending on the human resource functions including CHRO, CTO, CEO and the employees. Our BPO has been devised to offer such a partnership to all key customers that will enrich and enhance their HR experiences with us. We understand that each of our client has a very unique structure and face a very different set of challenges each. Trisektor BPO has been designed as a client-centric model which ensures we keep our clients as our top priority. We have a team of HR specialists who will work with you comprehensively to design flexible solutions well suited to your business needs so that your company is able to achieve the maximum out of its HR strategies

Data Center Management, Trisektor is the company which can deliver the very solutions to you. We take up management, administration and also monitoring of your data centers very seriously and aim to deliver to you the finest solutions ever to be designed in the industry.

We understand how overwhelming system administration problems can be. And if you have a monstrous system to manage on a limited budget and very few human resources, the whole job can become excruciatingly painful. We offer onsite and also offshore Data Center Management to all our customers.

Trisektor offers its clients high end Lead Generation Services which will ensure that their sales representatives will get leads for certain without wasting their time or resources. No longer will the sales reps be making useless calls that aren’t returned. Trisektor uses a very sophisticated CRM tool with an innovative lead generation technology that can easily pinpoint interested prospects and translate them into sales and help soar profits of our clients.

Our Lead Generation Services offer a very focused service which helps our clients increase their sales, generate leads and create very targeted marketing strategies that will help them increase their profits and make good money. Through Trisektor our clients will be able to outsource their work to off shore locations as well which means they will be able to save more money and get quality services 365 days of the year.

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Viability in the market and its feasibility from a regulatory viewpoint.

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Business Process Outsourcing

We at Trisektor offer one of a kind BPO services. We have designed our services to deliver our customer the finest in innovation and quality.

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